Friday, 15 November 2013

Inspired by the John Lewis Pre Lit Christmas Tree

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When I saw the Prelit John Lewis Christmas Tree my usual and immediate reaction was "I could make that!"
So I tried.
Remember when we pruned the apple tree and kept all those branches? Pruned Branches
Well one of these came in handy for this project!
I got the biggest and branchiest branch and stuck it in a Christmas Tree stand.  It held perfectly, but it is not as compact and certainly not as eye-pleasing as the stand on the John Lewis tree.
But it'll do!

I LOVE all the funky growth patterns on the branches and I didn't want those to be detracted from.
I also decided that I didn't want to add the snow effect on my version.
I think I might like this to be an all season tree decor and the snow would limit that to winter.
So I decided to add a clear glitter sheen for added sparkle hoping that the lights would reflect nicely off the glitter.

I tried a few things out, but the Rustoleum Glitter Spray was my preferred choice because it wasn't over the top.
I also liked this "snow glitter" at the end of the stick from the Early Learning Centre but decided that would take a long time to apply to each branch and would fall off very quickly.

I sprayed on a windy day, so we also have a few glittery casualties in the garden.
But hopefully they are not so glittery that they would be noticed by my Hubby.
At least I was responsible and took the branch outside to spray.
I had to make myself do that.

And then I hauled her back inside.
Removed a couple of odd branches...

And lit her up with battery operated soft white led lights.
I chose the battery operated because we had some already, and I also wanted the individual branches lit.
With the plug-ins, you usually have one long rope of lights and I don't like passing them over to the next branch- but I did have to in several areas anyway.
Precision is not my forte.

I wrapped the stand in a cloth, but I'm still not that enamored with the effect at the bottom.
I do love the overall blur-your-eyes effect though. 
I think it will look nice around Christmas, but hoping that I can pull it off year round?
It will look nice when we have all of our posh dinner parties.

As you can see, not all the branches are lit and the bottom is a jungle of battery packs that would all need switching on and off.

So the John Lewis pre-lit Christmas tree wins a lot of points there too!

I love the patterns on the wall...

And I liked the overall effect so much that I brought some more branches into the house and lit those up too!

I do love cosy fairy lights!
This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and ideas are my own.

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  1. Oh wow, oh wow, OH WOW!!!! love it! :-)

  2. go to the top of the class with this one katie!!

  3. I think it looks gorgeous, I'd love to do this too. Sam x

    1. Thank you Sam!It was so easy and satisfying and so many variations could be done with it.

  4. so dreamy..
    i think you definitely could pull it off year round!

  5. So gorgeous! AND so much nicer than the John Lewis one shhhhh! xx

  6. Love the glitter spray (and I have to make myself take stuff outside now too after one too many indoor casualties!). It's very lovely x


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