Thursday, 19 May 2016

Same as it Ever Was

It is the same as it ever was. And I take comfort in that.
The same flowers and plants are now re-emerging year after year. 
I've cut down on garden projects, and work so that I can just maintain what we have and enjoy it. 
And it still thrills me and relaxes me at the same time.

The Acers have opened much more that this now, a week or so on since I snapped this.

The Dandelions came, and have gone to seed. I've pulled some out here and there. And it's become a satisfying, but not pressing thing for me. 
This week I had a group of children making Mandalas, crowns and pictures using shop-bought flowers and whatever they could find outside that was a weed, or that had already fallen.
They joy on their faces when they scored a load of Dandelions was priceless.

Ok, a the Pansies are new. They were drafted in just before the Spring really kicked off and things needed a bit of cheering up.

The "bad neighbours" have gone, and new ones have arrived. My youngest now has a friend that he sees through the fence, chatting as they dig things up. 

Watching where I step.

Rascals will still be rascals, and the day after I admired this big beauty growing I found her chopped to pieces down to the ground.
Someone claimed they thought they were weeding.
I hope it grows back.

And it just goes on...

Thursday, 31 March 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow? Easter

 No filters, no edits and actual blue skies during a Sunny Easter at the in-laws.


Meanwhile, at home I have had a big tidy in the garden. 
Having scaled everything down to make everything lower maintenance, there is not nearly as much going on as in my in-law's garden.
But it's work enough as it is, and it's enjoyable to be outside pottering in this lovely weather that we've been having. 
Happy Spring!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Here's One I Picked Earlier...

A review, give-away and discount offer. 

*** Things get gross, so certain member of my family may wish to close this now.***

 We currently have a subscription to The Week Junior magazine and the three kiddies fight over who gets to read it first on the day it arrives. I exercise patience and wait my turn before I read it too.
So when we were offered the chance to read and review Amazing! magazine, I thought that the opportunity would go down a treat.

Of course, there was a squabble over who got to read it first. Luckily we had two issues to fight over.
The first thing that struck me and my nine year old particularly were the bright and humorous drawings.
Definitely attention grabbing. 
Amazing! magazine is aimed at children age 7 and above and is based on the Primary National Curriculum, approaching content with an easy to access and comedic manner. 

My 9 year old says:
I like that it makes it funny while learning. Also the pictures are amazing. I'm looking forward to tackling the quiz page with games and  Spot the Difference. 
The only bits I don't like are the gruesome bits. 

Which also echos my older daughter's thoughts. She didn't appreciate the page featuring the recipe on Bogie Bites.

And perplexingly, another 9 year old child with a crude sense of humour was not amused by this page. 
(It should be noted that he sat and read through the entire issue, in his head, and he is not easy to pleased in the reading department, so I think that he enjoyed it:-) )

The 6 year old, however, thought this page was the best:

6 year old's review
I like the boges.

Well at least he thought he did until I served him Bogie Bites as an after school snack. 

This stuff is seriously gross with the sticky, stringy texture, but actually tastes quite nice. 

An easy recipe that would be great for a prank, or Halloween, or as a funny/not so funny teacher gift. (If you've worked with kids, you will understand the horrors of kids picking their nose and very often eating it or putting it somewhere other than a tissue. )
Once when I told a certain someone to stop picking, he told me that I should know by now that this is what children do and that I should get used to it.
True story.
I don't think I'll ever get used to it, but maybe I can de-sensitise myself so I can suppress the gag reflex a little.

Ok, let's rein things back in a bit!

As well as being amused and disgusted by the Boogers, I was really pleased to see a spread on Special Educational Needs and would love to see the magazine take that even further.

I was super interested in a few facts.

For example; did you know that Oymyakon, Russia is the coldest inhabited village on Earth and that the villagers eat a diet consisting mostly of meat because the ground is too cold to plant anything!
And if they need to bury anything (or anyone), they need to warm the ground with a bonfire for a few days before they can dig.

If you too your kids have a thirst for knowledge then you may want to enter the give-away to receive a free copy of Amazing! magazine.
Should you like to get right in there and start with a subscription, Amazing! are offering a 10% discount when you use this code at the checkout:

Give-away will finish on the 10th April, to get the winners names in time for the May issue to be sent out.
To enter: leave a comment on the this post telling me about a super amazing or super gross moment of yours. 
If there are over 10 comments, winners will be chosen by using
Entrants must be able to be contacted by email and provide a postal address within the U.K. 
If winners don't respond with an address within a day or so, it will be passed onto the next person.

------We have been given a subscription to Amazing! in return for a review.-----

Friday, 4 March 2016


Hubby and I enjoyed a kid-free weekend away when the grandparents came to stay a couple of weeks ago. 
Due to work and lergies, we were a bit uncertain whether or not we would go any where, so as is our usual habit, a decision and an airbnb booking was made an hour or so before we departed.
(How great is the airbnb app?! Only just getting into it and I think this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.)
While we were discussing the weather (rainy and windy) with our host; (as you do) I said that it was what I had been hoping for. 
I wanted to go to the seaside, or climb some hills and feel the elements. 
I got what I wanted. 


Roadside Coffee Break, view from the dashboard.

Corfe Castle


As well as getting caressed by the elements, we also enjoyed pottering about Poole at night; eerily quiet and almost deserted in places, it was an out-of-season experience that I would highly recommend. The streets were empty, perhaps because the locals were cosy inside one of the many pubs listening to the live music that seemed to be playing in each.
What a treat to have such a quality choice of entertainment. 

It was a perfect low maintenance, casual, anti/valentines, relaxing and full-filling weekend.
We really should do this more often.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Come out in the Garden with me Mummy!

The garden has started to call to me again. More so; my little man was calling me to come out. 
I admit that I was reluctant. It's just so cold! And I was all snuggled in a blanket, with a nice warm coffee with a dog on my lap who is so much better than a hot water bottle. 
But the late afternoon sun and my boy were calling.

As always, I was surprised by the things that I couldn't quite see from my armchair by the window.
Spring is on the way, despite the cold.

Of course, I should remember to be more dog and just roll around in the chilly sunshine; loving it.

(She's so happy even if she broke that ball ages ago.)

This stuff has taken over my sitting log, but how could I possibly mind anything this groovy?

Of course there is lots of clearing to be done, but that can wait for a warmer day. Meanwhile, the new growth pushes through all the same.

Coffee in the garden. Most excellent service.

When your backside touches the bench and feels just how cold it is.

He was delighted to see how much his bucket of grass plant has grown!

Finding where the Roly Polys have huddled away.

Tending to the thorns that are at face height.

Little, tiny mint growth-coming right up.

He insisted that he wanted to try some of the Sage.