Thursday, 19 May 2016

Same as it Ever Was

It is the same as it ever was. And I take comfort in that.
The same flowers and plants are now re-emerging year after year. 
I've cut down on garden projects, and work so that I can just maintain what we have and enjoy it. 
And it still thrills me and relaxes me at the same time.

The Acers have opened much more that this now, a week or so on since I snapped this.

The Dandelions came, and have gone to seed. I've pulled some out here and there. And it's become a satisfying, but not pressing thing for me. 
This week I had a group of children making Mandalas, crowns and pictures using shop-bought flowers and whatever they could find outside that was a weed, or that had already fallen.
They joy on their faces when they scored a load of Dandelions was priceless.

Ok, a the Pansies are new. They were drafted in just before the Spring really kicked off and things needed a bit of cheering up.

The "bad neighbours" have gone, and new ones have arrived. My youngest now has a friend that he sees through the fence, chatting as they dig things up. 

Watching where I step.

Rascals will still be rascals, and the day after I admired this big beauty growing I found her chopped to pieces down to the ground.
Someone claimed they thought they were weeding.
I hope it grows back.

And it just goes on...


  1. Just always Katie!

  2. It's rather comforting to see the same flowers and plants coming back year after year. I'm quickly becoming an Acer fan, they look so wonderful.

  3. It looks a very pretty garden and love the cheeky gnome chilling out. Wish my chives were going to flower as much as your are, one of my favourites.

  4. Lovely to have a catch up - and yay for good neighbours. I've not made it out to enjoy as much as usual this year so far and it's taking it's toll on my happy-levels - maybe I need a gap in the hedge with a friend on the other side!

    Much love to you all x

  5. Beautiful photos. And to be fair it does look sort of weed-like... :)

  6. lovely pictures and such a variety


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