Friday, 4 March 2016


Hubby and I enjoyed a kid-free weekend away when the grandparents came to stay a couple of weeks ago. 
Due to work and lergies, we were a bit uncertain whether or not we would go any where, so as is our usual habit, a decision and an airbnb booking was made an hour or so before we departed.
(How great is the airbnb app?! Only just getting into it and I think this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.)
While we were discussing the weather (rainy and windy) with our host; (as you do) I said that it was what I had been hoping for. 
I wanted to go to the seaside, or climb some hills and feel the elements. 
I got what I wanted. 


Roadside Coffee Break, view from the dashboard.

Corfe Castle


As well as getting caressed by the elements, we also enjoyed pottering about Poole at night; eerily quiet and almost deserted in places, it was an out-of-season experience that I would highly recommend. The streets were empty, perhaps because the locals were cosy inside one of the many pubs listening to the live music that seemed to be playing in each.
What a treat to have such a quality choice of entertainment. 

It was a perfect low maintenance, casual, anti/valentines, relaxing and full-filling weekend.
We really should do this more often.


  1. We spend lots of time down there and it's lovely in all seasons. Firestone Head is one of my favourite places, so peaceful but you can still get scones.


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