Thursday, 31 March 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow? Easter

 No filters, no edits and actual blue skies during a Sunny Easter at the in-laws.


Meanwhile, at home I have had a big tidy in the garden. 
Having scaled everything down to make everything lower maintenance, there is not nearly as much going on as in my in-law's garden.
But it's work enough as it is, and it's enjoyable to be outside pottering in this lovely weather that we've been having. 
Happy Spring!


  1. Definitely getting that spring feeling looking at all these flowers! Lovely!

  2. Beautiful! Happy spring! I'm de-sliming our little outside area on this beautiful day.

  3. gorgeous photos and lovely spring weather, i love the pot the daffodils are in

  4. Wonderful and colorful spring flowers!! I love the first one with the mysterious witch hazel and the other shots are so lovely!

  5. You'e been lying in the damp grass again, I know your game...
    erm taking photos I mean *digs self out of hole*
    When you have beautiful flowers and glorious light who needs filters - all just so lovely Katie x

    Hope all is well your end, thank for joining in again x

  6. Beautiful shots - and such lovely weather (for most of) Easter wasn't it? And enjoy your pottering :)

  7. absolutely gorgeous shots! full on spring happening

  8. It's so nice to finally see some variety of colour in the garden. I love the pot with the wavy rim.


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