Saturday, 20 February 2016

Testing the Waters

Dribbly dog ball. Eeew.

There were puddles a plenty in the dips of the ridge and furrow (I love learning new things.) of our local fields. 

Fluffy tailed deer

When does a "puddle" get upgraded to "pond"?

The feeling of cold water in wellies.
I didn't have any water sploshing around in mine...
just saying.

Now the kids were cold and wet, but I couldn't resist running over to see this sunset. 
It goes so quickly anyhow, so I left them to de-welly in the car, when I went to watch.
(No editing in this post.)

I was panicking a bit, worrying about my cold kiddies, and seeing how fast the sun was leaving.
I wanted to get the snowdrops AND the sunset, but I couldn't think of what setting would work best. So I was testing wildly. I think that I captured this one better on my phone.

Another day, another local walk with friends.

The boys were enjoying their freedom, always competitive about being the fastest, first...

Letting the boys off the lead was great for a while, until they got a bit carried away and just about abandoned us completely and needed reigning in.

                                                            Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. Looks like some fun half term days spent out in the wild, it looks so beautiful there with the snowdrops and the sunset and how lovely for the kids to have that freedom and friends to enjoy it with too. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids.


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