Thursday, 25 February 2016

Come out in the Garden with me Mummy!

The garden has started to call to me again. More so; my little man was calling me to come out. 
I admit that I was reluctant. It's just so cold! And I was all snuggled in a blanket, with a nice warm coffee with a dog on my lap who is so much better than a hot water bottle. 
But the late afternoon sun and my boy were calling.

As always, I was surprised by the things that I couldn't quite see from my armchair by the window.
Spring is on the way, despite the cold.

Of course, I should remember to be more dog and just roll around in the chilly sunshine; loving it.

(She's so happy even if she broke that ball ages ago.)

This stuff has taken over my sitting log, but how could I possibly mind anything this groovy?

Of course there is lots of clearing to be done, but that can wait for a warmer day. Meanwhile, the new growth pushes through all the same.

Coffee in the garden. Most excellent service.

When your backside touches the bench and feels just how cold it is.

He was delighted to see how much his bucket of grass plant has grown!

Finding where the Roly Polys have huddled away.

Tending to the thorns that are at face height.

Little, tiny mint growth-coming right up.

He insisted that he wanted to try some of the Sage. 


  1. What a wonderful post! Your boy's facial expressions are just priceless! ;-)

  2. Lovely photos! I need to get out into our garden again, I generally ignore it over the winter. We never did a last proper cut of the grass last year so it's looking like a bit of a jungle although I did tidy up the flower beds so it's not looking too bad. Maybe this weekend we'll get out there!

  3. how sweet that he wanted to get out there. i always have to drag Lily out...

    1. I used to have to do that with my daughter too! And it doesn't help when I do the whole speech about how "when I was little... I used to be outside as much as I could. And Oma wasn't allowed in until dinner!"

  4. Best faces ever! It must have felt so good to get outside together, something we need to do here this weekend. We've had a lot of sickness since New Year here, with a constant stream of viruses so we're all going a little stir crazy!
    It's been lovely to catch up and enjoy this post Katie, I hope you are all well there x

    1. We are going through the lergies here too. ARGH! It does work out nicely for getting to spend some time catching up on the internet though! We've not been too poorly to stay indoors for too long though luckily. I hope that you are all on the mend!

  5. Be more dog, haha! I like that! I was considering getting wrapped up and doing a bit of clearing later today. A few things have started to grow again and desperately need pruning back. If it stays dry I'll go out and reward with myself with a hot chocolate afterwards :)

  6. Wow that is a groovy plant, and yes we should all be more dog. Perhaps except with the sage :) Bring on the sun! #hdygg

  7. That last picture is fabulous, I hope it doesn't out him off sage for ever!
    Your groovy plant has a wonderfully boring name - it is the many zoned bracket fungus. #HDYGG

    1. Thank you! I think I knew if was a Fungus of some sort. I hope that I can remember that it's a Bracket Fungus because I like trying to impress the in-laws with terminology that I pick up! I think they look like lots of shelves, so that's how I'll remember "bracket".

  8. i love the look on your sons face as he realises how cold it is to sit down


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