Thursday, 17 December 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 The twisted Willow cuttings from the garden went down well at the work party. The bunch is quite the beautiful monster, so I had to position it where it wouldn't reach out to hook it's tendrils into guests hair and festive knitwear.
I was impressed with how durable the cuttings all were. The Alliums have been around catching webs in the house as decor for a few months now, got sprayed, popped into boxes and cars, enjoyed a party, used again for another Christmas display and then had a car ride home again where we are enjoying them some more.

Honestly, I preferred the Alliums before I sprayed them white but oh well.

Meanwhile, it's wet and soggy in the garden and quite a few flowers are in bloom... which is lovely, but shouldn't it be a bit chillier right now?

Mammsaurus HDYGG


  1. Love twisted willow, love that little toadstool too x

  2. love the willow cuttings, i wanted some sticks from the garden to bring in, spray and decorate but sadly nothing was suitable and the cost of buying them in the shops is just too much

  3. Oh it look smashing sprayed white Katie and I'm with Sam, love that toadstool! I had such plans for a creative Christmas and, well that's not really happened - but I am making up for it with baking now!
    Thanks for joining in again and merry Christmas to you and yours xx

  4. Those twisted willows look fantastic. We're normally a bit sparse on decorations and only really have a tree in the living room. Might try this upstairs next year!

  5. Gadzikes sorry I thought I commented ( maybe I am lurking in spammage, it has been known ).

    I love them sprayed white - and that ickle toodstool
    It looks so pretty with the raindrops lined up like pearls.

    I hope you all had a good Xmas there!

    (Thanks for joining in again!)

    1. I'm sorry Annie! I just hadn't fired up the computer all holiday! I hope that your Christmas was a jolly one!


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