Thursday, 3 December 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

On my leaf raking session a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed the excuse to be in the garden despite wishing for a leaf blower. The care taker at work let me have a go with his and tried to put me off by telling me how heavy it was, but it didn't work. I would still like a leaf blower, if they weren't so bulky to store. Mostly, I would like it for playing with, seeing if we can make our face cheeks blow back, or taking revenge on clutter within the home... but seriously it would come in handy for blowing those pesky holly bush leaves out from the gravel instead of picking them out by hand. I wonder if anyone else on our road would like to share custody of a leaf blower...
Anyways, I pottered about, taking the time to notice this and that.
 The Geraniums are still blooming. Perhaps they are sheltered in this corner from the cold and winds?
 The Fennel is at the ready which is great because I just cut the flower heads to use as decorations.
 The boys were excited about the cold spell and the ice

and we were all impressed with how well their den is faring after all of the rainy, windy weather we have been having.

The one Acer is still so sparky. This was two weeks ago, and there are still a few leaves holding on strong. 

Soft little bunny tails are starting to appear on the Willow.

And I have taken my first proper cuttings from the Twisted Willow! All from the side, because I couldn't reach the top! The twisted willow is so sculptural and effective just popped into a vase. The trouble is finding one large enough to hold the branches without wobbling. 
I later spray painted these and the other cuttings below with white and silver to be used in the winter party I am decorating for tomorrow night.
I'm not too sure what people think about me decorating with the "dead" stuff from my garden...
I hope it works.

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  1. what beautiful shots!!!! and i'm all for leaf blowers but i would like them to invent silent ones. xx

  2. Ah I love the idea of spraying the dead bits white and silver, just peeked on your instagram feed and they turned out well didn't they?
    That's some slab of ice you had there, it's not been that cold here so far (least I don't think!) Our Acer has one red leaf left and I'm tempted to bring it in and dip it in wax to hang on the Christmas tree. Lovely photos - as always x

  3. I never took my geranium in last year and it's still alive now! I keep thinking I should take it in but it's nice to see a bit of colour when I look out of the patio windows.

  4. the children's den looks fab and i love how those leaves are trapped in the ice

  5. My fennel was flowering too. WAS. We have decided to do a major revamp of the herb bed so smaller plants were dug out and repotted and larger ones discarded and that included the fennels. Hubby is not keen on them so maybe I'll have to plant my very own fennel up in the veg garden and away from the ravages of his digger! Popping by VERY late from #HDYGG


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