Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dear National Trust/ Upton House

Dear National Trust Family Membership, 
I love you.
You have given us adventure and relief during this half term break.
I love work breaks. 
A time to catch up with each other, (housework) and have fun together.
Unfortunately, the housework side of things has piled up recently and was overwhelming me. 
Feeling exasperated, and realizing that I was fighting a losing battle; I hollered at everyone to get in the car- we're GOING OUT! 
With our National Trust Family Membership (Thank you Oma and Opa!) we can have a day out without excessive spending. 
There was moaning. 
Every. Single. Time. that I said that we were going out.
 I ignored this and became a human tornado throwing jackets, drinks, snacks, tomtoms, kids, shoes, cameras and the handy little membership card all into our car.

There was a steady flow of bickering in the back seat. 
One that reached a crescendo that threatened to drown out even the loudest setting of the radio.
A lecture or two about in-car safety.
A consequence dolled out here and there.
We arrive, and the adventures begin. 
No complaints can be heard.
Space to be explored. 

An inward thankfulness prayer:
Thank goodness my children are happy with an open space.
Thank goodness they love nature.
Thank goodness they love each other really.
Thank goodness that we have this time together.
Thank goodness we don't need over-priced theme parks, cinemas, toys and overly planned activities and stimuli to entertain us.
Thank goodness for Autumn, fresh air, and snooping.
Thank goodness my children are as curious and nosy as I am.
Thank goodness they know how to behave (within a certain time limit) inside a National Trust Property.
Thank goodness for enthusiastic volunteers and staff at National Trust properties. Everything is just so well thought out.
Thank Goodness.
Thank you National Trust for spoiling these snooper's souls of ours every time.
Katie and Family

PS: When we return home after a visit to a National Trust property, I've noticed that I see our home in a new light. 
Our home is lived in. There is mess and there is too much stuff and we are tackling that.
But some stuff is ok.
Some mess is ok.
That is what makes it a home.
That's what makes my favourite National Trust places so magical to me. 
The personal touches make them feel like home.
Lived in.
Not a roped off fancy polished room.

I must remember this when battling the mess that comes with that lovely, lived-in feeling.

I think that we all wanted to get in so badly, especially considering the warm day and the view...

The typewriters were THE highlight.

He insisted on staying late at the office.

Finishing up work before heading home (to the other room) to relax for the evening.

The toilet was a personal highlight.
I don't particularly like fancy rooms, but when you mix fancy and toilets- it's pretty awesome. They tried the flush, but it wasn't plumbed in and there was a volunteer to make sure that no one like us decided to try it out. 

But wait! 
There's more! 
I think that we visited our favourite National Trust property yet the following day.

Please note that this is not an advertisement and that I have not been sponsored to write this post.
I have simply had a glass of wine to toast the end of a wonderful half term and so affection is freely flowing.
I love you man.

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  1. I love you too man. And National Trust places obvs. Good to hear that half term was kind to you! x


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