Thursday, 12 November 2015

In the Night Garden

On the weekend, when we were heading to the in laws for dinner, my father in law commented that it would be a shame it would be dark when by the time we arrived. The autumn colours were at their finest but it would be too dark to use the camera... unless I used a flash.
Oh no. I don't like flash. 
But when he started discussing how sometimes it's really effective, I thought that actually, it could be fun to try.
And so we spent a while, snooping round the garden, letting off flashes that matched the fireworks in gardens and fields beyond.
There were a few rustles and I was glad to have my garden guide in case we stumbled across any critters.

Of course I had fun and had to play with the flash in our own garden. 
I must remember not to be so anti-flash in the future. 

Mammsaurus HDYGG


  1. these are gorgeous. i never use a flash either

  2. It's surprising what nice effects you can get with the flash. Sometimes I deliberately take shots with and without flash.

  3. I love the results Katie! I, like you, have always been very anti-flash - in fact it's only now 2 years after I bought my camera that I've found the the flash for it in the box (as I was packing it away to sell *whimper*).
    I wouldn't have thought of using the flash like this. The children have been badgering me to go for a 'walk in the dark' so this might be fun to try with them!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Cheers for joining in again Yorkshire buddy x

  4. This is such a good idea! Great photos too. I might have to start using my flash :)

  5. your FIL must be really proud of his garden to want to make such an effort to help you photograph it, my father thinks I'm mad when I visit and take pictures of random things around his house and garden

  6. These are great photos and I have just taken some shots of my plants with a flash as it was too dark without it and I need them for tomorrow's #HDYGG post!


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