Thursday, 5 November 2015

Early November in the Garden

Sandwhiches in the garden on Sunday because our bottoms were too muddy from adventures in the forest.
The weather was too lovely for spending indoors.
The garden is kind of messy.
But it's ok with me.
So satisfying it was too get my hands on this pulling away the dead bits that come away so easily in my hands. 

And admiring the webs. Long, thin threads across the way. 

Appreciating how tall my twisted willow is. I can't reach the top, but I will look forward to my first cuttings to bring indoors later this winter.

But I'll wait for all the curls to fall away. There's still time yet.

The acer's "moment" is nearly done. But it was so good and it's ok.

Perhaps this is my favourite season in the garden.
The pressure is off. 
No need to keep the grass under control, or feel like I should be doing more in the garden, even though I have already vowed and accepted to keep things easy maintenance/low key for now.
 Now is the time to watch things happen, get things "sorted" for the winter; slow pottering in fresh air and enjoyment is what it's all about.
No pressure. 

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  1. I totally get this felling of no pressure in the garden. The grass in mine is really long, too long to walk on without wellies, but the rains holding off a final mow but I don't much care. It's very much just 'watch and see' time now. Our acer is just turning red and my tow hydrangeas have both dark pink crisping petals and new pure white heads forming. It's all just very chilled, with an slight nagging feeling that I should plant some bulbs sometime soon.
    I love that twisted willow especially and the little red leaf hat!
    Thank you for joining in again - looking forward to seeing you soon x

  2. You make the autumn garden so beautiful.

  3. i love the wildness of autumn, it is my favourite season as you can just let it be itself

  4. In contrast I do feel some pressure at this time of year in that there are things that lapse when I am so busy in the summer and I must set to and get them dome before winter arrives. But autumn is being long and kind this year so for that I am thankful.


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