Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ooo Watch Me! Watch Me!

Mother Nature and the kids are reigning in the garden right now and I am cool with it.
It's kind of messy, but not so much that it bothers me.
It's nice to go out and have a snoop around to see what they have all been up to.
The kids have made an awesome Den. This took them most of the day.
 Don't tell the kids, but sometimes I like it when we are anti-social so that they hang out together and we are not distracted from our family unit. 
Especially when they get on well.

This tree is totally Whipping and NaeNae-ing and I am in awe, as I am every year.
This is the most awesome Acer. It's the one I rearrange furniture for so that we can sit and gaze upon it.

It was given to me a few years back by some good friends.
Sadly, it was the beginning of the end of that friendship and the way it was. 
It got broken. 
Tears, arguments and accusations. 
Letting each other go.
Attempts were made at mending.
But never the same.
Yet fragments of the friendship have recently returned.
Timid, and careful.
Cautious; but hopeful.

So what this says about the tree, I don't know. But I'm sure there is some kind of cheesy metaphor, personification or simile in there.
Like roots go deep and all that, and seasons change as do people and relationships.

Basically, the tree is a wondrous thing, and I guess it's pretty nifty when something is so broken, but can be glued back together even if it is somewhat wonky and never quite the same again.

I had my reliable little man to help me prune the Lavender and Curry plant. 

And more shots of the tree in all it's glory today, a few days later and there are so many changes.
(No edits in this post. This is what she actually looks like.)

Thankfully, I noticed this lovely lady and her web before it was too late.
I was sticking my head and lens all up her business and into the depths of the leaves. 
I keep a respectful distance now.

Curly, witchy fingernailed Acer.

The Den as it is today. Survived some rain, with added technology and hedge trimmings.

Marvelling at the snails that like to live and breed way up high on the fennel flowers and don't mind swaying around in the wind.

The kids are making Cider? Might need to come out here more often to do some health and safety checks...

The stuff grows...

Making the most of a sick day by making soup, pottering in the garden with the camera and finally joining in again with Annie and all here:
Mammsaurus HDYGG


  1. these are absolutely beautiful shots. and i love being anti social. and now that we live somewhere new, and don't know anyone, i get to practice it daily :)

  2. What a lovely playful garden - mud pies, children, a dog, a den and lots of imagination. Perfect childhood garden. I do like your gargoyle chap sat there, I'm rather fond of them.

  3. What a sad story behind such a beautiful tree - friendships come and go and is all part of our wonderful journey of life. Love that your children get on so well - mine are currently outside playing too and I, like you, like these unsociable days! Enjoy :)

  4. Loving that den, it's so nice when they play together rather than pulling in different directions. Loving the mouse in the house. The story attached to the tree sounds promising, slowly slowly catchy acer type of thing. Wishing you the best with that.
    Thanks for joining in again Katie. Now... who do I place an order for the cider with? ;)

  5. Their den is amazing, love it, amazing what you can get up when you choose to be anti social.
    What an amazing tree, not just in looks but the story behind it.

  6. That curly witchy acer thingy is just fab - and snails, they have no shame! #hdygg

  7. I love the kids den, mine used to spend hours doing that as did I as a child, the cider looks mmmmm interesting


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