Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Nuffield Place

It was a while ago now that we ventured out to visit Nuffield Place, but finding the time to share on the blog has been hard. 
And it's for the best that there is a delay in sharing this post, because I was so taken with Nuffield Place that had I written about it in the days after, it would have been a gushy slur of excitable, incoherent ramblings.
Much like the usual.
But still.

When we went, and I didn't know much about Lord Nuffield. We were just looking for a rainy day out together.
As with our visit to Grey's Court, I had a sense of comfort when snooping around. As if it were the home of a relative; but left curious enough to spend a late night researching all about Nuffield Place, and Lord Nuffield.
The children enjoyed the treasure hunt within the home and that helped to buy me some snooping time. 
We all loved it so much that I just wonder if we can move in go again sometime soon...

Toilet Tissue:-)

There wasn't too much fancy stuff, and it's not my cup of tea so I didn't focus on this dining room too much. Considering also that I had the boys children with me in a room full of breakables, I did not linger here.
So I have only just noticed what looks to be rolled cigarettes at each place setting. 

This room with wraparound windows, connecting the bedrooms of the husband and wife, was our favourite and we had a slightly heated discussion over who would claim this room if we lived here.

Lord Nuffield's bedroom wardrobe/work bench.
I loved this. Although I was a little weirded out. I won't say any more about why.
That can be a nice treat for you to discover should you visit yourself.

I'm all for "secret" workstations.

Our treasures are a bit different...

Guests were invited to make a needle purse in Lady Nuffield's sewing room, so of course we did.

As we left, we saw this gorgeous vehicle parked out front.
In my bedtime readings, I found that : If you own a Morris, Wolseley or a vintage car associated with the Nuffield company you are welcome to park outside the house during your visit.

It was a rainy day, but that did not stop our explorations. 
We simply had to mind stepping on the hundreds of slugs grazing over the path in the fields.

Before heading home.

For Further reading, I enjoyed this article:


  1. It's wonderful there isn't it. Monkey loved exploring all the rooms and getting his certificate at the end of it. Well worth a visit.

  2. Oh I am in love. Is it possible to fall in love with a place though photos? x


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