Monday, 12 October 2015

Campfire Apple Crumble

Everybody's good at doing something, and I'm not good at following instructions.
I just wanted to see if baking apple crumble works on a campfire in a Dutch oven. Without first looking on the internets to see how it already been done and how.

We've certainly been lucky with plenty of apples to experiment with this season!

I wanted to see if we could make this a camping friendly recipe.
One where you could grab a basket of apples, pre-measured and packaged sugar/flour/cinnamon mix and a knob of butter and off you go.
I also thought that mushing the butter into the mixture within the bag was a great way to keep hands clean and busy round the fire.
Next time, I'll mix all the dry ingredients in the bowl before putting them into the bags to ensure even mix.
(One bag for coating the apples and another for the crumble topping.)

Chopping and peeling the apples takes quite a long time, but hanging out in the garden by the fire with my Hubby beat chopping in front of The Real Housewives on tele. Love them as I do; this was much better.

Yes. Mixing the butter in the bag was a good idea. And a good job for the kids to help with.

Do NOT do this. 

Place Dutch oven in the warm coals, moving out of direct fire. Or even on a grate above the fire.
Our crumble had essence de fire pit from getting a bit burnt. It would have been better to exercise patience and allow for slow cooking.

Still, it was good, and it worked.

There is just something about cooking out on the fire even though we have a perfectly good oven indoors.
Perhaps it's nostalgia of times gone by, embedded in our genes.
It feels so right and tastes so good.
Not too cold and not yet too dark.
Apples+Fire=Totally Autumnal Warm and Fuzzies


  1. OH MY DAYS that looks delicious! There's something about cooking and eating outdoors that cannot be beaten isn't there?

  2. This looks so good. And I love the eating of cooking and eating it outside on a cold evening :)

  3. Mmmm that looks tasty. I'm totally wanting to make a crumble now :)

  4. I could almost smell the apples as I was reading this. I have to say I've never really cooked anything as special as this outside but looks like I might need to!


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