Thursday, 3 September 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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A nice early morning potter that I had in my garden this week. Enjoying being outside in my dressing gown and husband's crocks and the joy/shame/and coziness of gardening in pyjamas just because I can.  And it was a nice, peaceful morning, even though it was raining.
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A photo posted by Randomkatie (@randomkaties) on

          Port Meadow, Oxford.
 I go there as often as I can, usually to the same spot. My favourite spot. Over the year, I have noted the changes. In the winter, the area surrounding "my spot" floods.  In the early summer, it dried out and I saw that the area was littered with litter.
This area used to be a rubbish dump and I have found things here before so I wasn't too surprised, but I was very excited by what I found, even if it was somebody's old chamber pot.
I will point out that I didn't dig and do not encourage digging as all of the objects unearthed can damaged the hooves and feet of the cows, horses and passing dogs. However, everything that I saw was already jutting out from the ground, even standing upright with sharp edges, so from these objects, I took what I could carry in the time allowed. This was NOT enough and my hands were not big enough.

I enjoyed looking at my broken treasure for a while, but then I popped some extra succulents into them and popped them on my garden Knick Knack shelf and here they are!

Autumnal tinted tips on the Acers.
 I am excited about this. Our sofa is in prime position, ready to admire the live show of colours the Acers display in Autumn. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The show is about to begin!"
Happy Autumnal September to you!



  1. your treasures are perfect for succulents, don't they look sweet!!

  2. I love the bits of pottery you found. The acers look wonderful in the autumn

  3. I don't think you can beat a potter around the garden in your dressing gown and crocs! nothing beats it - enjoy the Acer show! #hdygg

  4. The sempervirums in the broken crockery look wonderful - I only ever seem to find small shards of broken plates etc ... but always wonder what meals they saw and who ate from the. #HDYGG

  5. Autumn is the best - and so is your succulent style Katie!

    Bring on the oranges and golds!


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