Monday, 28 September 2015

Blow Your Mindfulness

Last weekend, we woke up to a gorgeous fog that had settled on the spider webs, showcasing them in the garden for just a bit of the earlier morning.
I could see this from the windows and felt the excitement.
(To clarify, this level of excitement was close to snow-day excitement.)
This happens once or twice a year and every time, I go out with the camera, crawling and tiptoeing around in my dressing gown; observing and snapping pictures, nagging at the family to "Come Look! Come On!"
Did I really need to go out and look around when I've seen spider webs before?
And did I really need more pictures of spider webs to clog up our computer and the Internet?

And it really blew my mind. 
Just like the times before.

Observing the intricate patterns and delicately strong threads strung all over our garden put me into quite a nice place.
Allowing myself the luxury of stopping and looking, checking out those details; I'm pretty sure I entered that Mindfulness place.

On day two of the foggy weekend, my littlest man agreed to join me after my cajoling. 
(In his pyjamas, crocs and socks on his hands of course. I think that he was trying to outdo me in the garden fashion competitions.)

I showed him how a spider web took the opportunity to web over the door of the playhouse over night.
We had been frolicking outside the night before and they had forgotten to close the door.

Rather than get annoyed, he came up with a super fun game.
When they were playing in the garden on the previous evening, he had come up with a challenge for himself and his siblings. 
The challenge was to crawl, slither and hide along the walls and try to avoid setting off the sensors on the garden lights.
If you managed to get into the back door without setting them off, you win.
He won a lot. 
So, he took the fog laced web as laser beams and attempted to enter the play house without disturbing the web.

The strings of the web spread to each corner of the porch, but he manoeuvred his way through that.

Nearly there.

He's through, but at the last moment, his foot tripped "a wire" and the web collapsed upwards.

He was a bit disappointed, but most of the web was still intact.

So overall it was an impressive manoeuvre. 


  1. Spider's webs are so beautiful, I must venture into the garden one morning to try and photograph some of my arachnid friends. Cute game getting into the playhouse :)

  2. They are the best, I photographed a few the other day. Beautiful!

  3. Ahhh I love the web dodging game! Kitty has been having super screaming fits walking into webs in the forest the past few weeks. I must admit I chuckle *evil mother* at her insanely girly levels of spider-fear.
    Beautiful things webs, especially on foggy and dewy mornings x

  4. They are so beautiful Katie! I love all of them and the last one super awesome!


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