Monday, 24 August 2015

Real Reel Home Movie

Our first "reel" home movie featuring the dog quite a bit, the kids and camping.
It's silent but noisy, grainy and unfocused (especially here, as I filmed it on the I-pad as it was being projected onto the screen.) short, and very expensive.
But there is something very special about real reel films and perhaps we'll treasure these little snippets of our lives even more since they are that much more precious?
I was a bit put off when the Hubby calculated how much it would cost per minute of film, but once realised, I think it's quite a refreshing exercise to take more care with what you film. Just like the old days.  And the final 3 minute result of the filming will likely be short and sweet.

Technical details:
Filmed on a Canon 814 XL and 514 XL Camera (Super 8)
Wittner Chrome 200D reversal film (Agfa Aviphot)
Processed by: Gauge Film

(Details courtesy of the Hubby.)

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