Thursday, 27 August 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow? August

Before we left to go on holiday, half of the lawn was yellow and lifeless. Smugly, I thought that at least this would mean that the grass would still be short and tidy upon our return.
I was wrong.
Everything was overgrown, gone over and a little bit messy.
Why had I taken the time to weed before leaving?
Still, it's nice to feel needed I suppose.
My father in law had tended to the watering so my succulents, grasses and Bamboos were very happy and healthy and most likely dreading the return of their forgetful and neglectful mother.
 The creatures had gotten used to the dog being away and there were quite a few to be seen, as well as a lovely robin who sat close to me as I tidied the borders and collected seeds.

Collecting seeds from the Nigella and the Poppies is such a satisfying pleasure. I was carefully not to get any in my eye this time.

The apples have been good this year. A bit early perhaps, but tasty so no complaining here.

 There is always a competition for finding the wonkiest apple.
Curly Boy collecting apples from the mini Katy Apple tree. 

Everybody's Good at Cooking Something...

Over the last year or so, I have made an effort to hold myself back in the garden with elaborate plans and planting. I've reduced the number of plants that I have in pots (sometimes killing them off by mistake) and not planting/buying anything fussy or new. 
Apart from a few seasonal perk-me-pot and basket flowers, I am trying to keep it simple.
Acknowledging and accepting that I simply don't have/make the time to dedicate towards high maintenance gardening.
It takes enough time to cut the grass, trim the hedges, weed, etc. 

Perhaps in a few years time, I will find/make more time for more adventurous gardening, but in the meantime I will just make sure that I enjoy the efforts or hard work that others have put into gardening.

Although it was a very rainy day, we enjoyed a day out to Nuffield Place and appreciated their gardens and home.

 This was a difficult path to negotiate. Over 100 slugs were spotted. Blergh.

 Playing Laser in the garden. Don't let the plants touch you!

Of course it's nice to be back and take the time to catch up. I will be having a nosy around the other gardens here:


  1. Such late summer beauty and I am so jealous of all those apples! They look especially lovely in the wire basket.

    1. I thought so too! It was a bit la-di-da, but the wire basket really seems to keep the apples well. Maybe they like the air around them.

  2. such beautiful shots. and i hate slugs!!!! luckily we don't have any here in miami

  3. Oh your apples look so much better than our naff crop here this year. We have loads just all very small - still at least we might get a crumble or two out of them (the one thing I am really good at cooking!)

    Where are my manners - welcome back welcome back! Did you have a good time? Looking forward to reading all about it :) I head off next weekend and cannot flipping wait!

    Loving the idea of playing laser in the garden - Ozzy has started to wait till Kitty is by a bush and then creeping up to shake it so she gets soaked. You have to love younger brothers. Honest.

    I am a bit in love with your wire basket sausage, where did you get it from may I ask? *hangs on your every word*
    Thanks for joining in and sharing again *cheeeeeeese* x

    1. You're welcome to some of our apples! I love Ozzy's little brother tactics:-) I'm excited for you and your holiday I'm sure it will be amazing. Wire basket was on sale at Boswells department store. I thought it would make a nice gift basket for someone, and then I needed a big something to hold the apples in, so now it's MINE! Muwhahahah!

  4. Here in Austin, Texas it's absolutely boiling and all of our grass is dead and yellow and brown, I so miss the greens of England. I love riding on a train especially because I can see miles of fields of beautiful green! I do love it! Your photos are beautiful!
    I Hope you have a great weekend, Tammy

    1. Thank you Tammy. Now that the grass has been cut and tidied everything does look rather lush and green and much nice than the crispy yellow that it was. I just get a little annoyed when it needs cutting every week! Enjoy your weekend too!

  5. Collecting seeds is a satisfying pleasure indeed :) That looks like a nice basket of apples, I like your wire basket a lot. We could do with something like that for storing vegetables in. Beautiful photos, everything looks so lush.

  6. Wow - so many apples. I've some on the allotment and haven't picked them yet - I was tempted to the last time I was there and now I;m definitely going to! :) #hdygg

  7. Such an autumnal feel to these photos, I'm not sure I am ready for that. I think it all looks lovely, well done on all your work.

  8. Oh what a beautiful apple tree! We had an orchard growing up and I miss eating apples straight off the tree!

    1. My little one and the dog have eaten straight off the tree in previous years, but only taking a bite and leaving the rest! I'm very please with the crop this year.

  9. I love the sweet pea frame and 'who can find the wonkiest apple'

  10. You've reminded me that we need to collect the seeds from our poppies and nigellas! Oh how I wish we had an apple tree in our garden.

  11. Lovely photos that really capture the abundance of this time of year.


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