Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mini Doughnut Cakes

I always like the idea of making elaborate cakes, decorated to perfection. But years of failure and laziness have reminded me that I just do not possess the skill or patience for cake decorating.
I still like to pretend though, so when I saw the Doughnut Cake, I adapted the idea for an afternoon of pure pleasure.
Again, playing with icing like this helps me to be calm and happy and therefore, I will class this pastime as my idea of Mindfullness.

I used mini doughnuts from Sainsburys because mini is mega and I could try out a few designs.
Betty Crocker icing works perfectly when it is kept at room temperature.
The doughnuts take the icing much better than cake. They don't crumble as you spread.

I made some la di da chocolate bits and popped them in the fridge to harden.

Stacked and iced doughnuts, ready for decor.

Show off.

Of course some mini cakes looked better than others, but because this was on a small scale and just for fun, it really didn't matter.

We enjoyed the tasting session.

Because this was so easy, tasty and satisfying, we have already done this a couple of times. It's a great playdate activity; the satisfaction of baking and creating food art without the total mess.

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A Pinterest success story:-)


  1. This is such a cute idea - on it like a bonnet!

  2. Right - now I have shown Kitty I HAVE to do it - tomorrow!


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