Sunday, 14 June 2015


Last year, I was a Diva and insisted that I did not want a traditional cake for my birthday.
Oreo ice cream was my latest dribble-inducing obsession. 
It was my birthday after all, and I didn't feel that I should have to do the traditional cake thing if I didn't want to.

So we did this:
                                                                   And it was good.
And I was Happy. On my birthday.
It was a Happy Birthday.

This year, I am still a big fan of Ice Cream and Oreo ice cream.
We've been making batches of homemade ice cream. 
(Without a machine. Still holding out, trying not to go down that path. Yet.)
And then we were hanging out, watching The Russian Hacker make an ice cream sandwhich cake iced with whipped cream.

So then I thought: I know what else will "ice"a cake nicely! Our no-churn ice cream pre-freezing!

Ok, pictures aren't needed because this is so easy, but it makes me happy just looking at the icing process so here they are.
Make a batch of no-churn ice cream. 
Like this: No Churn Ice Cream
SO easy. And if you whip it enough, it really works.
We don't even measure- we eyeball it.
Pour the tub of cream the bowl, half a tin of condensed milk and gurgle of vanilla essence.

Whip it good until it resembles clotted cream. Like so:-)

Get your stash of Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches ready.
It is also sensible to plan what you are going to place your cake into to go into the freezer.
I used an old Haribo sweet tub upside down.
By taking this step to plan, I realised that I couldn't go quite as large as I had planned to, but it was fine. I wanted a cover on the cake to avoid ice crystals.

I think that I used around 15 Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches for this cake and it was more than enough. It fed eight people with enough for a few second helpings. This size however, was not enough for my work colleagues and worked on a first come, first served basis. I like to stack up when I find them on special offer at Tescos. 

For the second cake, we tried using Iceland's version of the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches as they were cheaper. It was not worth it and we picked those bits out.

Start stacking and cutting extra Oreos into quarters to fit into the gaps.

Cement them in together with the ice cream, adding a layer of cream between levels.

Then ice the sides and top.
It's so easy!!!

The ice cream ices like a dream. Smooth as can be. No cake crummage as you go along smoothing too much. As long as the Oreos inside stay cold you can slather and smooth to your hearts content.
Does this count for a trendy Mindfulness activity? Because I am so into icing stuff that is easy to ice right now.
And it was chillin'. 

Of course you can decorate it however you like now, sticking bits to the ice cream before freezing. I didn't want to mess up the nice icing effect, so added Oreo cookies to the bottom. 
When the kids made their version, they piled mountains of smashed Oreo crumbs on the top.

FYI: If you make a batch of the no churn ice cream and stir in a whole bunch of smashed Oreos before freezing, this also makes a deliciously awesome homemade ice cream.
I also brought this activity into work/school and called it a sensory activity.
Easy, relatively safe cooking, fun and delicious.

Put your germs on the cake in the hope that no one else will want any.

If this tactic fails, share graciously. You will be rewarded by seeing that this cake makes others just as happy as you.

Now, this cake is a frozen cake so therefore it needs a good deal of pressure applied to cut through.

It might be a good idea to leave the cake out to defrost a bit if you have a super-efficient freezer.
(maybe 45 min?)
I have made this cake three times in the last week, and the freezer at work was WAY too efficient and I really struggled to cut it up and share it out during the lunch break.

So plan for this ahead of time to avoid being attacked by ice cream crazy people with no patience.
This has actually happened to me in real life.

I know that this is a super lazy cake, but it was so much fun and it might just be my favorite cake in the whole wide world. 
(Apart from my mother's Angel Food Cake with cream and strawberries of course.)

Chances are, this cake has already been made before. I don't know about this. I'm sure I would find it if I googled it. But I didn't and this is just how I did it. 
I'm not claiming to be a genius inventing a new recipe or anything.
But I totally feel like one. 


  1. looks yum Katie, I can tell you really enjoyed your birthday!!

    Belated birthday wishes and apologies that I missed it, I've been all over the place of late. I'll dm you and hassle you for your address now! xx


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