Monday, 8 June 2015

New, Old Postcards

Recently, I bought a pile of old postcards at the scrap shop. Dear Stranger
Many of them are from the J.Arthur Dixon Postcards A History of the Greetings and Postcard Company on the Isle of Wight
Here are some more of them, the first of which I've used in the new blog header.
Rapadalen, Sweden

Rydal Water, Westmorland

Borrowdale, Cumberland

Morning Mist, Langdale Valley
The Lake District
Photography by R.Dixon

Esthwaite Lodge Youth Hostel, Hawkshead
J.Arthur Dixon Photogravure

The Lodge Today

Ritsemjakk, Sweden

Grange-in-Borrowdale- Winter
The Lake District, UK
Photograph by John A. Dodding
J.Arthur Dixon
Derwentwater and Causey Pike
Photograph by Douglas Scott
J.Arthur Dixon

Buttermere Lake and Crummock Water, Cumberland
Photograph by W.Asplin
J.Arthur Dixon

I would love to visit the exact spot where some of these were taken.

Ambleside, Westmorland
J.Arthur Dixon

Because we don't have enough clutter in our house, I have been using the great big frame to display postcards and pictures, changing things up every now and then.
We used to have some of these as wallpaper in our old student house. Some of these are relatively new, like the man in red from Buckingham Palace exhibition, and the new, old postcards from the scrap shop. 
Others have been with me for years.
It's nice to have a mood board of sorts, full of old familiars and newbies.

The collection is out-growing this old shoebox.


  1. *rubs hands with glee*
    Loving these Katie!

  2. What a great idea! I have so many old postcards and modern ones I've collected over the years and have been trying to decide on how to display them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love postcards too! I also have a shoebox full. I collected loads of free ones when I was a student and had them blu tacked all over my walls, I really like your display for them. And I'm sure your remember your very kind gift to me of a big box of Ladybird postcards, I have four small frames and I rotate the postcards through them, love them!

  4. How lovely to have so many and to display them. On our last move I came across pile of postcards I'd bought from all over the world as souvenirs going back to the mid 90's i decided to actually use them and i post them out to random family and friends as a way of saying hi


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