Thursday, 4 June 2015

June is Busting Out All Over

Just because it's June, June, June!
This is exactly how I feel about my garden right now. But I try not to sing and dance about like this when I'm out there because I don't think the neighbours would join in.

A few weeks ago

The first Poppy of the year emerges in my garden.
My muse.
I'm trying hard to resist taking photographs of her everyday.

Nigella/Love in a Mist

Poppies to come!

I love bee spotting in the chives.
I can watch them for ages, getting soooo close to them and they are not bothered.
They are not as interested in me as I am of them.
I've been having fun playing with the slo-mo feature on my phone:

The chive flowers are quite a feature.
Simple, beautiful, yummy and the bee's paradise. 

I can't remember what this is, but it got roughly pulled from the ground in the front garden a year or so ago, and is now happy and healthy in the back garden.

Having waited for around three years; it looks like the Buddleia may finally flower.

Buddleia buds and Bokeh Daisies

The apples are on their way all of a sudden.

I was disappointed to see that our Rosemary has lost most of the flowers because 
I thought I would have a go at making Wild About Here's Floral Butter.

I don't remember these Poppies from last year. I think they are Poppies. 
I'm looking forward to finding out soon.

I don't like cutting the grass now, because the Daisies are so pretty, but my little man assures me that they will come back.
And they do.
He has also noticed that little buttercups have started to grow in the grass.


Now I don't plan things very well. I throw things in, where I can find a space and then move them later if I need to. I don't think I am very good at garden design or anything, so I'm always surprised when things actually work out. 
I am pretty pleased with the look of this area of the garden right now.
Totally not done on purpose; but I'm loving what's happened over time.

Note the bees in the Thyme and the Fennel is returning from last year!

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  1. the last picture really captures the essence of the garden

  2. Your flower you pulled from the front garden is red Valerian. It self seeds a bit like dandelions do but the petals turn to look like candy floss.

  3. Lovely photos of your plants! Thanks for sharing =) #hdygg

  4. JUNE JUNE JUNE! That video tickled me. But hold the phone! That bee flying video is amazing - and the sound of the wings!!! I too have been tinkering with the slo mo featured on my phone but cow parsley swaying slowly just isn't as cool as a bee...
    For some reason I cannot say poppies without busting into Allo Allo-esque 'I love your poopies', but the thought is indeed there. Your border is looking good, liking all the purples there, the bees must be losing their little furry minds for it!

    Thanks for joining in m'lady x

  5. The unknown plant looks like valerian to me as well. A lovely garden and glad you've been on poppy watch to get those shots for us ;) #hdygg

  6. Oooh - so much to come in your garden this summer.

  7. june is just all sorts of happy!


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