Thursday, 25 June 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's been a busy week. I will be pleased to reach the weekend and hope that we can reserve some down time. 
Still three weeks to go before the end of the school term and it feels as though we have reached the height of the crazy crescendo of school, work and social events. 

At least I hope it's the height of the crescendo.

Anyhoo. There may be a lack of coherence. 
A lack of words.
My brain is frazzled. 

But here's what's been going down in our garden over the last couple of weeks.

This Buddleia has flowered for the first time. But I thought it was supposed to be white. Nevermind. Less than a week later, it looks like it has given up on the idea of blooming anyway.
Did they get burnt in the sun? 
Are they about to turn white and get big? 
Is it because they are so thirsty?

Uniforms have been abandoned in the heat

in favour of Owl wings and bare legs for sprinkler hopping.

They have been very busy in the mud kitchen.

(See the deflated blue ball? And the dog? She is a master at convincing anyone to play fetch with her. She has even discovered that if she puts it in my weeding bucket as I move through the garden; I will have to chuck it out eventually, so then she gets to fetch it. Sometimes this backfires and her ball ends up being gone forever. She also puts it in the paddling pool with the kids. She doesn't understand they are throwing it out because they don't want slimy dog drool ball in the pool.) 

Ikea Meatballs?

My husband gave me some random, old photos recently and I'm quite fond of this one, even though it's not the clearest of images. 

On the back, the caption reads:
Jakin in our garden making mud pies.

Despite all the years, changes and technology, Mud Pie Making never goes out of fashion.

The boat is tied up for the night so that it doesn't sail away in the great wide open that is the sand pit lid.


I freak myself out when I look at pictures like this on the internet.
What is going through my kids' minds?! 

Yay! The first Geranium appears!
(Poor Ah-melia has been blown off from her postition on our roof and moved off the windowsill she was peering into. It seems as though my family is not as fond of her as I am.)

The first Strawberry is ready, 

and it goes straight into his Eton Mess. (Link there because I only learned what an Eton Mess was just over 10 years ago. There may be more innocents that need Eton Mess in their lives.)

These succulents have such a crazy design. Especially when their stretch up tall to flower like this.

Although there are not as many Poppies as last year, there are enough to keep me happy. I like the staggered stages of their stages to keep the party going for as long as possible.

The Lavender wit a touch of the blues creeping in!



  1. Fab shots - and loving your little owl, who wouldn't prefer to be an owl rather than in school uniform? And hope your strawberries last longer than your confused buddleia x #hdygg

  2. All your photos feel very dream like this week, lovely effect :) Eton Mess is the very best pudding in my opinion - and worthy of the first strawberry from the garden. I sowed lots poppy seeds last year and for some reason, only one flowered. This year there are none, boo!


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