Thursday, 11 June 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow in Early June

 A slow, sunny weekend visit to the inlaws and their stunning garden meant that I had a little snoop around of course.

I believe this is Borage. Which always reminds me of what happens to blond ladies' legs when they don't shave. 
(Fondly remembering images of pretty ladies with unshaven legs: one of Winnie the Witch)

 Meanwhile, in our garden:
The boy has been growing something in this bucket for weeks. I didn't believe him, but something is growing.
It could be weeds.

You just cannot get a look at the Alliums or Chives without the Bees getting in the shot:-)

So you might as well turn your attention to them, because they are fascinating. And then I wonder if they are the same visitors from the day before, and the day before that. Would I be able to tell?

I'm so fickle and I'm pretty sure that Poppies are my favourite, but the structure of Nigella is totally crazy-complex, and lovely. They are hogging my attention right now until the rest of the Poppies arrive.

The first Poppy is going over, but slowly, one by one the others are opening...



  1. You should see my legs then, Winnie has NOTHING on me.
    So many pretty things going on in your garden it's hard to know where to start - hello Nigella! Can I move in to the play house? Can I ? PLEASE?
    I need to wake up to this every morning.

    Though I guess I could just fire up the mac and see it. But that's not the point! *forgets the actual point*
    Thanks for joining in again hombre x

  2. He he, good to see your mud kitchen! Love your description of borage. I found loads of honesty growing under the hedge in our garden, I was so excited. I love the way you have captured the light on everything.

  3. it looks like a really busy and full garden, beautiful

  4. Your inlaws have a really beautiful garden! Nice to see a poppy too, ours are only just pushing little buds up. I've never seen Alliums up close before, so striking. Love your photos :)


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