Sunday, 31 May 2015

You Can Even Lick My Windows

"Why is everything here completely pointless?"
"Candy doesn't have to have a point. That's why it's candy."
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Well if there is any point to this it's that I wanted a fun, cheap and easy way to make stained glass windows similar to these sculptures we saw at Bothy Vineyard at the weekend.

I also did not want to read instructions, so if you're looking for some of those, you might like to try elsewhere because I'm certain that someone has already figured out a way to do this perfectly.

I would just like to find our own way there.

Despite these looks of serious concentration, they were pretty stoked about getting to play with sweets.
These ones worked the best.
83p a bag. They used 1.5 bags for their piece.

Thinking that I was being clever, I put baking paper on the baking tray.

They melted quickly in the oven at 180, but Handy Hubby pointed out that it might be better to have the oven on a lower heat to avoid the boiling and bubbles.

Of course they had to have a taste of their art. (In different locations because sibling germs=yuck)

The baking paper stuck to the back of the piece, but at least it didn't break when I took it out of the tray. 
I'm not sure how to attach it to the window, so it's leaning on a paper towel. This is because it also starts to melt a bit during sunnier times. 

So it's not flawless, or perfect. 
But whatever. It was fun and I wanted to have a go too.

I thought that I would try mine without the baking paper.

Lemon Sherberts Did not work well. 
I swirled the bits with a toothpick before it hardened. (It does go hard rather quickly after it's taken out of the oven.)

But I had to twist the tray a bit to get it out and it snapped into pieces. 
It was still fun and I will be doing this again.
Perhaps as a playdate or even a classroom based activity.

You could pinpoint some learning elements if you wanted to.

For example: Patterns, Repetitive Patterns. Exploring scientific properties- melting/cooling, taste and the senses...
It was quite relaxing and artistic and could come under sensory play and exploration.

****Update: I might be playing with Gummy Bears and plastic takeaway containers next!****

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