Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Eyes Were as Big as Plates

My eyes were indeed as big as plates when I first saw Electric Daisy Flower Farm's May Day pictures on Lou Archell's Nature in the Home Instagram feature. Littlegreenshed Instagram

Which then led me to check out the Electric Daisy Flower Farm (Whoa. Their calender is on my wish list.)

This then led me to the brilliant photographers Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth and their project entitled: Eyes as Big as Plates

And I was totally inspired. 
And I somehow managed to get a few cooperative models to wear what is currently growing in our garden. 

On their heads.


Fern Frond

Apple Blossom


An overview of the rest of the garden right now. 
It's a good place. 

For further reading and some of the images from the Eyes as Big as Plates project see: Folklings: Eyes as Big as Plates

 Joining in with all the other lovely gardens and celebrating May with Annie here:

How Does Your Garden Grow? Mammasaurus


  1. Those were fabulous, especially those Fern Fronds! ;-)

  2. Oh wow, they're fab! Now I want to put my garden on my kids' heads! Gorgeous photos x

  3. Brilliant! What inspiration!

  4. Brilliant! What co-operative models, I bet it was loads of fun for them too though :)

  5. Love the Fern Frond, very clever :)

  6. those portraits are absolutely stunning!!!!!


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