Saturday, 30 May 2015

I Suppose We Mustn't Grumble

 Dear Marge, Reg & Charlie
                at last I have found time to answer your letter and thank you for the money you must think I am ungratfull but realy I have been so busy with company lately. for Auntie Ruth come down for a week then George brought Diana down for a fortnight- then last week I had Les by for the week now they only want me to have the two boys for a fortnight which I think is a bit to much so I got to find a way to get out of that one for to start with I should only get rags and dirty bits to take them anywhere for at times I was ashame to go out with Di for her old coat was so dirty and it was so hot she had to put it on to go to the post office there were two buttons off of it but Lesley was respectable she did keep herself clean George looks very well so yesterday when he come to fetch Lesley but full of moans about Joe saying if he dont alter he is going to throw him out at the week-end I dont understand as it nearly broke my heart when one of my boys had to leave, Well now how is your garden looking my flower garden is not to bad this time for Auntie Ruth got nearly all the weeds out when she was here and father is getting on well with his garden for Bob bought a garden tractor so when Don was here earlier Bob & Don went over it for him but father had to get a load of dung so now he is digging that in but his beans peas and small seeds look well and we have a nice bed of cabbage fit to eat so I suppose we mustnt grumble fancy Don's baby is a year old he said he would try and come next week end so I must get busy and clean up after my visitors I am longing to see them again, Well now how are you all keeping well I hope as we are all well at home now Ruth had to go to the hospital to have one of her wisdom teeth out they had to cut the gum so she had stitches in they took it out one friday they took the stitches out the next Bob and family was up sunday they are well except Vivs and she had a cold, Jenny have been poorly for quite a time now the Dr is giving her tablets for her nerves, we went up to see old Dot last Thursday and she isnt at all well the Dr told her it was her nerves Carol was there and she said her mother wont move out side, did you get a part time job if you havent dont get in to much of a hurry for you havent had much time to get over your operation Well now my dears I shall have to close hoping to hear from you soon
                                                                        lots of love
                                                                                 from Mother and all
oh I must tell you 
I did get a nice lot of forgetnots come up this time 

(From lost and abandoned letters from and to people I don't know. They were going to be thrown out.)

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