Thursday, 28 May 2015

Garden Snooping and Lamb's Ears

Last weekend, my littlest and I scooted out to explore some of the NGS Gardens Open for Charity in Oxfordshire.
I loved doing this last year:

"Everybody's good at cooking something and I'm good at cooking crumble!"
Will I ever look at Rhubarb again without this little ditty in my head? :-)

We had to stroke this super soft plant. (Lamb's Ears:Stachys byzantina) After we checked to make sure that no one was around; we touched our cheeks to the leaves. 
I would like to have some of this in the garden.

I loved this wild area of the garden. They had cleared meandering paths inside which the children were enjoying running around. 
I admire the bravery of allowing the dandelions to grow so freely within the garden and not so far from the allotment area.

Back at home in our garden:

Playhouse Before


I'm still waiting (not so patiently) for the Poppies. The Alliums are opening and I am wishing that we hadn't followed the instructions and planted them in clusters instead of spacing them out.
We've been loving the Daisies, and repairing and painting the playhouse and kiddy bench.
 I'm slightly regretting this because I had liked the worn look and I think that the off white colour isn't funky enough for me.
 In fact, it's all looking a little bit too tidy to be my garden, apart from the mint that is engulfing the little tree there.
 And I am trying to keep on top of this situation by making Mojitos.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Mammasaurus


  1. I love your garden and how quirky you decorated it!

    Love the NGS Garden. Like you I love dandelions carpets too! #hdygg

  2. Your tackling of the mint via mojitos is selfless and inspiring ;)

    I visited a garden with paths mowed through the long wild grass this week too and it's so effective. Oh to have a meadow and do that myself! I love that garden, the plants along the path are dreamy. I was at a local garden this afternoon, a new one and the lady grows wild meadow flowers in a long small border by a path to show people who go to workshops she runs that you don't need a huge space to grow wildflowers. Really inspiring stuff.
    The playhouse is looking smart, I like the off-white though I bet you funk it up with trolls before long...

    Great to see you this week, we'll have to sort something out for the Summer :)

  3. I love the wildness of the NGS garden, I'm hoping mine will look like that one day - might need to get a bigger garden first though! I really need to get my bum in gear and visit some NGS gardens this year. Yours is looking so neat :) Mojitos...mmmm!!

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the shelf unit you have in your garden with the little potted plants on it and painting the playhouse and bench has really worked well. I hope inspires me to do the same.


  5. That wild garden is inspiring! Beautiful photos and love what you've done with your garden.

  6. Hopefully I'm going to my first NGS opening of the year on Sunday. It always amazes me what lies behind people's houses.

  7. Love that mojitos are your solution to the mint :) Love the NGS garden, and your garden is looking beautiful x

  8. wow i love the look of the revamped play house

  9. I love the NGS scheme it's a great way of seeing other people's gardens :) And rhubarb was just made for crumble! #hdygg


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