Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dirty and Proud

I thought I would treat myself and get the car valeted at the local car wash.
Thinking I was quite clever; I worked out that a mini valet service only cost a bit more than what I would pay to hoover it myself using their machine.
When I asked for this service advertised, the attendant leaned in through the window, had a peek around, wrinkled up his nose and said: "I can't do that for you madam."
He was smiling a bit, so I wasn't sure if he was fooling around.
"Are you serious?" I asked.
"No. I can't do that for you." He replied.
"Why? Because it's too messy?" I know it's got an even layer of stuff all over everything, but I had cleared most of the clutter apart from me, my little man and some library books. It's usually ten times worse. This mess just needed a super strong hoover with pointy attachments and a wipe around.
I thought you are supposed to bring a dirty car to a car wash.

So we went through the car wash, and I hoovered it myself and it was fine. But of course it got me thinking.
If my car is so dirty that an attendant at a car wash won't touch it, then perhaps I should reflect on how I use and look after our car...

How I put the back seats down and load the kid's bikes inside it to go to the park. My friend takes the excess kids in her car and we all have a whale of a time on the tracks and throw the bikes back in my car. I'm not happy with our bike carrier, so this works out just fine.

Same friend, and another weekend, we sandwhiched our road bikes up together in the backseat  for a zip around Warickshire. Gobbling Pop Tarts and flapjacks on the way we had no worries about where all of the crumbs would land.
Driving the car to Blenheim for a run with a friend and then driving back together. 
No towels.
But windows cracked.

 Going on two mini holidays to a beach. Three kids, us parents, an Oma and a dog. Lots of sand, collected treasures, and road trip nibble dribbles deposited throughout the vehicles many crevices.

A trip or two to the woods and more dirt

Not even counting the regular heres and theres...

On reflection, I could probably treat our car with a bit more gentle respect, but it seems to me she's been having a beautiful time, even if she did get a bit dirty.
It's all hooverable, it's all wipeable.

And it's normal to grow moss on the edges of the windows anyway. 


  1. Huzzah for mess! I bet your car is having a grand time ;)


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