Monday, 18 May 2015

Blues on Monday

Last week was a good week. 
It could have been a bad week; but it wasn't.

I needed to have a little surgery and have been signed off work for a couple of weeks. 
I didn't know how bad the recovery would be and so when my mother offered to come to help out; I accepted the help.

Getting signed off work was a first for me, and something I find very annoying.
I love my job, and I don't like missing out. 

I've also been signed off of running and riding my bike for 4-6 weeks, and this has got me as cross as a cat having a bath. 

And I am not supposed to do all of that useful stuff like lifting and whatever. 

In truth, the recovery time has been super quick. A few days later and I felt normal. 
I'm not in pain, and I'm trying to be patient about the inconveniences. 
Because they are small inconveniences. 
But I still need to do the time.

Having my mum here with me over the last week has made it a dream of a sick leave.
Of course I feel guilty saying that when I think about what I am missing at work.
But it meant that the first week went by quickly without me feeling down, overwhelmed, lonely and stuck on my own with daytime tele.

Because I wasn't in any pain, and moving around is good, we managed some slow and leisurely walks, lots of chat, and a couple of lunches out while the kids were in school.

My washing pile was whisked away AND hung out to dry courtesy of Mumsie. I don't usually take the time to be doing that.
The smell of fresh washing on the line...

The kids of course, were happy having Oma here, and got plenty of attention and help with the things that I couldn't do. 

She helped me through some dreaded paperwork, which I would have otherwise ignored and stressed over. 

And generally, looked after us all.

And now she has gone back home, and I could be sad, and I am a bit.
But mostly feeling so fortunate that I got to spend such a nice time with her.

 I'm a grown woman, but man oh man, sometimes it's so good to be looked after by your mother.


  1. Oh bless you. You are never too old to appreciate being mothered x

  2. Awwwwww.... Enjoyed every special moment! Thanks for letting me be there! Glad your recovery is going well. xoxoxo

  3. hi Katie, what a lovely expression of appreciation & love for your mum.


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