Saturday, 11 April 2015

Easter Weekend in Norfolk

We spent Easter weekend camping in a teepee in Norfolk.   The campervan is currently out of action, awaiting a new engine, so this was a nice dog and kid friendly alternative. 
It was especially nice to have a fire pit inside the tent- we needed it! 
The dog had the best weekend away- EVER. 
The low tide at Brancaster beach gave her miles of running space and she enjoyed the dog friendly town and getting to sleep next to all of us in the teepee. 
It was my first visit to Norfolk, and I was not disappointed and hoping to go back again one day soon.
It looks like there are many, many places to explore, but we were happy to spend hours here on the beach each day.

Out to sea,

and back again.

And out to sea again.

Examining and collecting treasures.

Abandoned boat island.

On our long walk to the beach from camp, the boy and I met a man from Oxford who told us about this cove along the beach where the seals hang out. 

The dog was on a tight lead here. She's a magnet to water and the seals made it clear that they weren't too keen on other dogs swimming with them.

But they didn't mind being watched. 
The kids made sand sculptures of the seals.

Acrylic Nails washed up from Witchy Island.

Goofing: Shipwrecked and washed ashore.

Crawling across the desert. 

The kiddies were also pleased that the Easter Bunny managed to find them here and left goodies and chocolates to be found in and around the teepee:-)

We stayed here.

                                                               Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend! So many beautiful photos, makes you want to get to the beach now! x

  2. Looks like a brilliant time! Fantastic photos too #countrykids

  3. Great photos - especially chuckled away at the goofing photos!

    We used to holiday in North Norfolk, it is wonderful round there.

  4. Burr you are a hardy bunch but I must say it looks like a lovely adventure. That teepee looks rather inviting with the fire burning away inside and some of the beach photos are stunning. These are the sort of adventures the children will cherish for years to come. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  5. What gorgeous photos. We are staying in a teepee at Camp Bestival this year and I'm so excited. Popping over from #countrykids
    Becky xx

  6. What an amazing looking weekend!
    I love that beach, perfect low tide, your kids are hilarious, they definitely made the most of their time away

  7. That teepee is just so cute! I miss camping and this post made me miss it more! What a lovely trip! #countrykids

  8. I'd love to stay in a teepee! Love your photos, beaches are so much fun for exploring. #countrykids


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