Thursday, 2 April 2015

April Fool

I think that my garden has pranked me. 
After thinking that I had killed nearly everything, there have been signs of life popping out everywhere. 
I cut the grass, and had a quick tidy up and things are looking a lot more healthy after all of the rain. 
I've got some seriously hardy plants that manage to fool me by playing dead every year. 

There are lots of jobs still to be done, like tackling the mossy grass, but there are birds singing, and things are looking hopeful in the garden again.
                                                     Drip, drip drop little April showers!
                                                                   Bring it on, Spring.

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. oh.... i love all of these shots filled with water drops. sometimes cutting back is the best thing to do. xx

  2. Awww little raindrops on petals! Gorgeous! So good to see things popping up around us all, the first blue of bluebells has appeared by my front door, nowhere near opened but deffo there. Obvs as I am closer to the equator here ;)

    Kitty would go mental if I touched moss anywhere - bouncing on it is her new fave thing!
    Thanks for joining in again - I've been loving the egg themed craft on your instagram! x

    1. Bluebells! Exciting!!!! I agree with Kitty. I quite like the moss, but I feel like it's something that I have to do? I don't know why, because grass never grows in it's place anyways. It's quite satisfying to rake up though, like peeling dried glue off of your hands. Perhaps I'll leave it. It does make a nice cushion for under the climbing frame in case of falls. I don't think that's my instagram account you are thinking of though! I've actually been a bit anti easter crafts this year- too lazy/busy! The Easter Bunny did go a bit OTT though and visited us in the teepee, and we had 4 egg hunts, so I hope that made up for my lack of craftiness!

  3. Such beauty!

  4. How exciting to find so many signs of life and new growth #hdygg

  5. I felt the same about my garden until it all sprang into life a couple of weeks ago - it's lovely to see isn't it? Love the pictures of the raindrops on the blossoms.

  6. I love the raindrops on plants, beautiful. I keep being surprised every day by new growth in the garden.

  7. Garden's have a funny thing about fooling us don't they - I'm loving getting back out into mine now that the weather's warming up a bit - and I'm discovering the joys of my grape hyacinths all over again (as I do every year!) and there's always so much to do... but that's one of the things I like about it! #hdygg

  8. Lovely signs of Spring, I'm always pleasantly surprised when things start to flower, especially after a rain fall, makes everything look just a little bit nicer


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