Sunday, 15 March 2015

Totally Honking 2015

Ok, so I had a few reservations, a few nerves, but by Friday, I was totally buzzing and excited about the Danceathon for Comic Relief.
I'm begining to wonder if this whole buzz thing is part of a mid-life crisis. That was the first thing I thought when looking back at this pic. (And I'm talking about me on the left there; not Kelly. She's will always be a baby.)
Whatever. If this is a midlife crisis; it's super fun. I didn't even know I liked tutus!

Kelly sorted these outfits for us after I suggested that we go as the couple in this Sia video:


Posing with air freshener
This was a before shot. Before sweat. (SO glad we didn't bother with the fake lashes. They would have slid straight off.) It's a good thing I bought the red nose smelly car thing for Kelly's car. It came in handy for after.

I thought I would be clever and bring a selfie stick, but I forgot the remote thingy-do. My phone decided to play up and I had tempermental reception/wifi on my phone for tweets and updates and what-nots.
Which was fine, because there wasn't really much time for that. I took the whole dancing thing a bit seriously and I didn't have time to faff with the phone when I was busting my moves. It would have just been a distraction.

The six hours of dancing was amazing. So much more fun than I could have imagined. Luckily there wasn't too much time allocated for freestyling, where I might have lost my groove. 
I could not praise the organisation or leadership more. 
The atmosphere was jolly and friendly from the start as the ushers welcomed us in at the door. Everyone who was working at the Arena seemed to be enjoying themselves too and were so friendly and helpful.
And The Popchoir totally set the mood in the entrance.

The dance changed every half hour, with a quick pause between each to take a swig of water.
My personal fav was Bashment.  Funk was great too, and although I enjoyed some bits more than others, I had fun throughout and felt mega energetic until about 5:10pm.
Thinking that I had come off pretty easy until I woke up the next morning with super stiff calves and an appetite for carbs. 
They said we had done the equivilant to a half marathon, so I have been milking it a bit and eating heartily. 

Look Ma! I'm on TV!
It was sweet getting messages through Kelly's phone from Hubby at home to say that they had spotted us a few times on tele via the red button. 
Luckily we were in a sea of people, so you can't really see too much.
And it's pretty great to have it all recorded. In the past week, I have already done a few of the dances again with the kids. It's like having a 6 hour long workout video.

All done!


I gave it my all when I was dancing and had so much fun. 

Alas, I wish that I had been more proactive in meeting everyone from Team Honk. I did feel that I let myself down in the social department. Although I did get to see Annie, Tanya, and Penny briefly and I met Nell, it turned out that had a total brain fart when it came to speaking. All the adrenaline seemed to have drained my verbal capabilities.
But I suppose we spoke through the language of dance that day. 

Pippa from Story of Mum with the best Tutus in the Arena
Although I'm yawning, I am still buzzing. It was a total blast.

There is still time to sponsor Team Honk and support the good work that Comic Relief does.

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  1. Thank you SO much for coming and dancing like a pro! It was so hard trying to talk and keep track of the dancing moves wasn't it?
    I stopped to tweet and ended up with half a dozen sweaty ladies bumping into me so soon gave up on that! x


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