Monday, 23 March 2015

T-shirt Quilt

This has been a few years in the making. Or collecting. 
"Every patch means something."
Every patch, another memory of my babies growing up. Moments, holidays, phases...
it's all going so fast. 

The blue top our littlest wore when he began to walk, the Bob the Builder pjs he wore with his belly popping out...
It was a little bit hard chopping them into rough blocks. But not as hard as giving them away.
And they all got pieced together in the end.

We sewed them onto a cheap, soft fleece blanket and the result is perfect. Cozy, slightly heavy, warm and familiar.

They shared for a bit,

but they all wanted it for themselves!

Sentimental journey through t-shirts

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This post is especially for Grandma, who introduced me to quilting and so much more. 


  1. That's such a lovely idea and it looks well loved.

  2. This is great. I remember seeing this suggestion years ago and collecting several t shirts together. But then thought what am I going to do with the quilt once it is finished so didn't go ahead with it. It did not occur to me to do it with the children's clothes. Although we've given away several years of clothes I may start stashing a few and maybe I'll be ready to make one for when we've done the house renovation work and they have a playroom.

  3. Such a great idea Katie - I wish I had your skills (and patience!)


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