Monday, 5 January 2015

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The perks of having roamed are plenty, but what can come with that is a sense of never fully belonging to a place, culture or people.
I'm intrigued and by those with a strong sense of heritage and culture. Speaking in strong accents that have stuck through time. Emitting a confidence and self assurance of their place in society.

The desire to be accepted into a culture comes and goes in waves. Stronger when surrounded by gatherings of people with familiar tones, and similar habits. Stronger during celebrations and traditions.

I linger along the edges of these gatherings; trying to pretend as if I have always been here and always will.
Trying to play the part.

Even if I have a partial claim to a place or society, will I ever really belong where I am?

Maybe everyone feels like this.

Sometimes we dress alike, in solidarity, to get that feeling of belonging...

we play together...

sometimes taking risks, earning a respected status,

just to show off,
Or just for fun.

we gather, and disperse, 

Miles apart, but some things look the same. Fairgrounds with the same rides, food, entertainment. Always tat to be won.

And of course; being an observational wallflower, you come to realise that we're actually all very similar in many ways. Despite cultures, countries, upbringings, and accents.

And sometimes, when you get over yourself, and you have observed for long enough; you immerse yourself in the place, time and people around you, and find that you are just where you belong.

At least for that moment in time.

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  1. Katie, this is an awesome post, one of my favourites of yours yet. A combination of stunning photographs that tell such a story, as well as words that I can totally relate to. I have no idea really where 'home' is for me...always on the periphery, looking in. But as you say, once you get over yourself, its good to observe that in fact we are all so similar. Home is somewhere inside of you I think, not a place on a map. Wonderful wonderful post xx


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