Thursday, 22 January 2015

Broken Spoke Bike Co-op, Oxford

 When I took the kiddies to The Story Museum a while ago, I was delighted to stumble upon the Oxford Bike Co-op, The Broken Spoke, nestled in the courtyard. Being nosy; I had to sneak down for a look.

It looked awesome, and I had been trying to think of excuses to return.

Lucky for me, they held an open craft night just before Christmas, inviting anyone to come and make stuff from bike parts.

My bike wheel chandelier
I was in. I had only just put together my bike wheel chandelier at home and it had set my wheels turning (har,har) thinking about the endless possibilities of a single wheel.

Also, it gave me another opportunity to snoop, chat and have a nice evening out.

But I want more.

I want to hang out there more. And not just because they served waffles.

Everyone was friendly, helpful and non-judgmental. I like to ride, but I don't know a lot about all the technical stuff and sometimes feel intimidated by all the jargon and comparison of speeds, equipment, blablabla. This kind of thing puts me off, but I get the impression that it wouldn't be an issue here.

So I'm itching to do one of their courses. Particularly learning how to build a bike from scratch. Knowing myself and how I learn, I think it may be the only way for me to really understand how a bike works and then be able to maintain and fix my own wheels.

Scheming, and dreaming...

In the end, I was too busy snooping and chatting so that I only just managed to make a pair of earrings with bits of bike chain.
And they are pretty ugly so I won't share them with you.

Meanwhile, the feather-esque earrings made from inner tubes turned out well!

To see more of what they do, and the courses offered, check them out here.

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