Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

My first Sloe Gin.
If I had only known how well this would turn out, I would have made MUCH more.

When you drink too much of the good stuff, you see reindeer on the tree lights.
Seriously, this pic is taken through glasses from Homebase that make all fairy lights look like reindeer. Fun stuff.

I took a bit of time out to make a wreath, 

The kids thought it was pretty plain, but that's the way I liked it. The Fennel flowers just keep giving.

I made this little guy for my husband last year and now he has a home. It involved using a saw when Handy Hubby wasn't home and cutting the head off of a perfectly good cuddly toy.
And then staple gunning it onto the wood.
I think he is swell and is a good alternative to the bigger, pricey one's that the Hubs liked.

Last year, I decorated a tree with mini pictures of Christmas past:
This year, I went for the bigger pictures. 

Crafting in pjs.

Loving the stash of goodies that I rescued from the skip.
They were deemed too breakable and tatty for use at work.
I called them treasure, and got called a hoarder.
I know. I'm working on it.
But just look! It really was someone's treasure once.

Christmas Cracker treasures?

This has leaked everywhere. The best place that it leaked was on my scarf so now I feel like a Christmas fairy when I go about my business. 

A long, Christmas letter on a beautiful old card.

I love these baubles just as they are, how I found them. A bit dusty, some broken, but most, carefully placed in their nests by someone a long time ago...

Some of these found ornaments have made it onto the trees...

Others really are too fragile and I decided that I wanted to enjoy them as they were for now so have left them open see here.

Making a picture for Santa

The joys of smelly markers.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. I simply love this post, what beautiful pictures and impressions of you and your family. Loved the reindeer lights glasses and the reindeer head on the wall was brilliant! Happy Holidays! :-)

  3. Totally loving your Christmas pics, especially the vintage decorations and the slow gin. Delicious. Hope you had a good one :) x

  4. See I read this and it makes me want to do Christmas all over again! x


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