Thursday, 11 December 2014

Es Precioso

Last weekend in my garden and Winter Light at the Oxford Botanic Garden

Oxford Botanic Garden Christmas Tree

 How I wish that I had saved those Poppy and Nigella seed heads just a little bit longer now!

It was a perfectly gorgeous set up at the Botanic Gardens. The moon was full, the lights were stunning and although the toes lost feeling quickly despite the double layer of socks; a quick trip to the mulled wine/hot chocolate tent and greenhouse helped warm things up a bit.

I believe I even eavesdropped in on a proposal by one of the candlelit ponds.
They took a few selfies; narrating out loud: "#shesaidyes",
and when they walked away, I heard her gush: "Es Precioso!"
Ahhhh.... L'amour!


  1. That tree is soooooo beautiful, I really love all the rustic decorations! The seed heads are a nice touch, I would never have thought of doing that but they look lovely. Very Christmassy :)

  2. That's a great idea for seed heads, sadly I don't think I've got any either - those lanterns are lovely too #hdygg

  3. Ahh what a beautiful Christmas tree and a proposal, what a magical evening!
    The frosted leaves look wonderful, it almost looks like the leaf in the second photo is crawling.

  4. Love the frosty shots, so pretty. And, those lanterns are just gorgeous, what a beautiful walk to take. #HDYGG

  5. What a fabulous tree, so natural but really festive at the same time. Love the frosty photos too :)

  6. Beautiful frosty shots. Happy weekend!

  7. Oh my I am in love with those lanterns and that tree! What a beautiful place to pop the question - puts me asking Al in a sweaty Peaches gig in Berlin to shame. I bet it gave you the warm fuzzies overhearing it, I spotted an older couple holding hands walking down the street last week and it made me feel all fuzzy - maybe I am getting soft in my old age ;)
    That all naturally decorated tree is inspiring isn't it? Maybe next year... we've made a lot of gaudy coloured Fimo decorations now!
    Looks like a jolly lovely evening out - and HO HO HO baby! xx

    Thanks for joining in sausage x

  8. What a magical photograph of the moon peeping through! No wonder it moved someone enough to make a proposal!


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