Thursday, 13 November 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gosh it feels like it's been a while.
And these shots are a bit dated now, but nevermind.
We'll call it a photo dump and make no excuses about the absence.
Because that would take too long.
But it's all good here.
How about you? 
Just before Halloween, the lovely colours kicked in on the Acers. 
I think I used the wrong settings, because these shots do not do the tree any justice.
I rearranged the whole downstairs furniture layout because of this tree, placing the sofa in the best viewing spot for this tree in all it's glory.
(Don't tell the husband that though. He thinks the whole rearrangement hassle was something about a bookcase issue.)

We popped into Oxford to explore and stopped in at the Botanical Gardens. We thought there would be some good shots there for the Scary (ish) movie that we were making.

I was so upset to find that my favourite tree in Oxford has come to an end of it's long life. 

One on of the happiest days in my life, spent beneath the tree.

When it fell, it also took out another lovely tree that had formed a backdrop of my happy memory.
It sounds as though they are going to try to make the most of it, by turning the leftover bit into a sculpture, and sending the logs to local artists to be used.
I know, because I asked. Thinking that it might be nice to at least make/have some part of the tree with us in another way, before it's turned into something else. 
But I haven't yet.
And although I am sad, I swear that I am not one of the emailers mentioned in this article:

The kids took over the camera from here on.
Unfortunately, it looks like the lens shade thingy got shifted on handover and now all of the shots have a vignette effect.

Here the boys are planning a walk past the guys on the bench; hoping to freak them out with their skeleton hands.

Back to my cam- I was looking forward to seeing the shots they had taken. I love the kids' photography.

We pottered back along the best lane in town.
Perfect setting for getting spooky feelings.

Our scary (ish) movie:

Simple Wanderlust
I really have been neglecting the internets! Not only is there a lovely new button for Annie's weekly garden link up, but also a new blog name?
It's all looking so beautiful over there and I'm looking forward to catching up with the gardeners on the weekend with my coffee in bed! 


  1. What a beautiful collection of photographs. I love that you rearranged your furniture over a tree :) And how fantastic that the tree is going to be used for some art for all to appreciate. Love your header too - is that new or have I been away from your blog for too long?!

  2. Good to have you back - and lovely photos. I really like your b/w shot of Queen's Lane. :)

  3. That scary move is flipping scary! That's just te sort of thing that freaks me out, horror films and gore I can deal with but atmospheric comings and going always scare the holy bejeebers out of me!
    All these shots have a moody vibe to them, which I love - and it's bally good to have you back!
    Thanks for joining in again sausage x

  4. A lovely photo dump ;-) I've been neglecting my blog too, but always nice to jump back into #hdygg :)

  5. oh i love your different photo techniques especially those boats "clever clogs" what a scary movie to end on wowzers


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