Sunday, 5 October 2014

Cotswolds Camping

Offerings for the Robin
Hubby took this shot and got very close. I had been wanting a snap of a Robin on a branch for a while now, and he caught it for me.


The best part about this campsite for the kids, was that you had to have a code to unlock the toilet block.
When I was desperate, I was not amused.
But I did have good door service.

Any excuse to use the code.

Eating straight from the hedges.

Decorating Camp

Blackberry Paint and lantern making.

Daughter cam
Collecting Sloes for Gin.
A first for me.
I'm looking forward to tasting how it comes out in a few months time!

Check out our travelling bread maker here.


  1. This looks so much fun - I love how you decorated camp too. Is it creepy that I kind of want you to be my mummy?

  2. oooh what a lovely time i love the lantern and your daughter cam is great what a budding photographer

  3. Beautiful photos, I adore the first one - so sweet!


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