Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Forest Weekender

I lieu of text, I feel that I could simply replace any words for this post with: gushy, gush, gush gush. I will try to refrain, and talk like a person whose feet are planted on solid ground and not away with the fairies, but it's hard. Just look at this place!
A few weeks ago, we went to The New Forest for a camping weekend.
The weather was gorgeous, the nature was gorgeous, we met some gorgeous people...(The lovely Annie and her littles:-))

I was in a pretty happy place here. Ferns to the left of me, Heathers to my right! I was Stuck in the Middle...

I bet these colours are in abundance now. I am keen to go back to find out.

One day, I would love to bike here. Or if I can keep up the running, it would be a good place to pull a Forrest and just keep runnin'.
Wild Horses everywhere.


  1. Beautiful! All of it! And all of you!

  2. Love these photos - not often I see photos on blogs and I think 'I live there!'. Really like the photo of you, it's a corker. A lovely selection - the ferns are 50% green and 50% brown at the moment, nice to have the contrast before they all die off x

  3. just lovely katie, & you all look so happy!

  4. Hello Katie - I love the New Forest but then it is close to where my folks live so I'm biased :)

    Gorgeous pictures and the heather looks stunning at this time of year.

    Nina x


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