Thursday, 18 September 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A tad overwhelming and off-putting.
I could say it's because of those big spiders we have seen everywhere, and the toads that like to startle me. I don't want to get all caught up in webs as I crawl around on me knees pulling out the weeds.
I don't want toads hopping around my toes.
I could blame our busy schedules.
Or maybe it's that time of year, the post summer blues... and the passion wanes for a while as the plants and gardeners try to adjust to the new season; the new start.

 The Sunflowers that never bloomed.

Some of the cornflowers are still going strong.

Collecting the seeds from the Poppies and Nigellas.

This lovely, unplanned Crocosmia Lucifer has just gone over, but it was a welcome site in a garden full of faded colours. (No filters or edits on this baby)

These thorny vines hung down from the overgrown hedge. All the way down to the ground at kiddy height. ( Since these shots were taken, we have finally tackled the hedge for this year.)

A rather pristine looking Primrose,surrounded, yet not smothered by weeds and the mini time team diggers.

I know it's bad, but this weed thing twists and turns so gracefully as it takes over. I haven't sorted it out yet, but I know that it will be most satisfying to pull out.   
And I suppose that is the good thing about letting things get out of control. When I finally get to work on it, a little, will make a big difference.



  1. Poppy seed heads are magic aren't they? I collected a few to put in a vase on my windowsill this year. We've still got a few cornflowers too but nowhere near as many or as bright as yours. So pretty.

  2. Argh! Spiders webs - I'm already fed up of walking through them!

  3. Indeed a little will make a big difference. We have the twisting weed thingy here too, rampant bugger that it is, it does pull out with ease though, so now like trying to heave ivy up :)
    I love the colour in your garden still, mine is 50 shades of concrete dust nowadays. We do have sunflowers that look to be about to bloom. Al keeps telling me it's too late for them but I am ever optimistic!
    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

  4. Transitions always tough...lovet the seed collecting pic! #hdygg

  5. Is it bad that I love how quirky your garden looks even with all those weeds. #hdygg

  6. I think the spiders are ganging up on me at the moment as there is a line of them blocking my way to the greenhouse. It must be a message to me.

  7. i have to admit that my gardening motivation has waned quite a bit. august was just so hot here and the plants suffered. i'm trying to find a little oomph again now that it's cooling down a bit. love your seed collecting. i want poppies next year!


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