Sunday, 28 September 2014

Goodnight John-Boy!

When we were passing through Skylar, Virginia this summer, I was excited to pop out and snoop around The Waltons. I was disappointed that we had missed the opening times for the Museum, but got a kick out of visiting the boyhood home of Earl Hamner (John Boy) . In the Country Store, they give you a key to open up the house on your own, a sweet touch that really adds to the snooper's delight. 
Although I don't think that anyone lives here, it felt very homely to me. So simple, uncluttered and peaceful. 

I like this wardrobe very much.

I would have liked to have hung out a bit longer, and plinky plunked on the piano, but I was aware that hubby was in the car with the kids and the engine running, so it was a quick tour for my aunt and myself.

Love this. 

                    In memory I go there each night, I stand beside the gate, look up to the house,
                 and once again I here the voices of my mother and father, my brothers and sisters
                 as we call goodnight to each other before we sleep.

                              The End...Earl Hamner
                   The Walton-Hamner Homestead


  1. thanks for showing these pics katie, my whole family used to watch this show on television.

  2. How wonderful, I loved the Waltons. Would have given me goosebumps visiting.

  3. How brilliant, I'd love to go there!


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