Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Wink and a Smile

While I haven't managed to pull those weeds out yet, I've made a teensy bit of progress in the garden. 
And it's beginning to feel a lot better.

In the setting sun. 
On the wall that I can see from the kitchen while I'm cooking.
The garden can be a total, overwhelming mess. But this; just this, is enough.
The best shadow display in town.

To prove me wrong; a defiant sunflower blooms. 

I adore this stubborn missy. I didn't think that Osterspermums hung around through until Autumn. 
She reminds me of a certain young lady who refuses to come in from play break at school unless you coax her back to class with a song and dance. 
(I love my job.)

I get a little confidence boost from this cheeky chap.
He makes me blush.

I take a little comfort in seeing that the Bamboo has survived my neglect. 
Guilt, guilt. Always guilt. 
When I return to tend to my old plants with my tail between my legs, they seem to stand up straight and swish about and try to assure me they are fine, really they've been fine.
I'm sorry plants.



  1. I LOVE those Fennel shadows: beautiful!

  2. Fennel shadow LOVE! Just lovely shots as ever and good to hear that you have found time to get out in the garden amidst the back to school and work chaos. Hope you are settling in ok and that starting school has gone well.
    Now you and the gnome get a room!


  3. Oh those shadows! Heaven!


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