Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Random Bits from Art Club

Painting in a different position and perspective.
Michelangelo style.

This was popular. Most of the group had fun trying something a little different, while a couple of others couldn't get their heads around it and preferred painting at the table sitting down, as normal.

I can see that we weren't the first ones to get creative under these tables.

I encouraged colour mixing during this meet.

Creating patterns and pictures with old cds on a sunny day.
Insipired by Bruce Munro.

Outlining a body. Cd Angel.


That black cd concerns me. What does it represent? They knew it was there. They placed it there intentionally.

The sun hits at the right angle and does this!

A rainy day Art Club, kid and supplies in tow.

Finger knitting with loops for yarn bombing the school was a MASSIVE hit. 

Once they had made their chains, we attached them onto the front rails of the school, but only overnight.
They were concerned that they would be stolen.

I would love to be able to knit and yarn bomb something on a larger scale.
Or failing that, run a really large art group and get all the kids to knit more and more and more for decorative purposes.

Another activity using old cds.
Let dry...

Then scratch patterns into the surface using sharp implements.
Toothpicks didn't work for us, so we improvised.

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