Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Painting Pollock Style

 This was one of my favourite sessions from the Art club. I loved watching the different painting styles. Some of the kids had a plan, while others just went for it and let their ideas evolve.
This was great to watch because I had noticed previously that some of the children struggled without clear instructions and guidance during other sessions. They wanted to know exactly what was expected of them and to have a specific "creation" at the end of each activity.  I found that they were a bit perplexed and sometimes disturbed by open-ended challenges and activities that did not necessarily require precision.

So it was great to watch them get carried away in the paint splattering and throwing. Not so great when they got their uniforms messy. I was worried about getting in the parent's bad books.  I didn't quite realise exactly how carried away/involved some of them would become, but it was beautiful to watch.

This group chose to get a stick to use. I admit that at this point, I was thinking that they might regret this, predicting that it would all go brown.

But I'm so glad that they just went for it. This was my favourite because of the full on interaction and I love what happened to the paint patterns.

Unfortunately, these were too full of paint to hang indoors, and no space on the tables to dry them.
It was a beautiful sunny day and so I thought they would be ok outside until I got into work in the morning to put them somewhere safe. 
But it poured with rain just before I arrived.

There were little rivers of paint everywhere by the time I got there..
So I took some close up shots while I could.


  1. These look so cool Katie - I bet the kids had a blast - I know I would ;)

  2. Brilliant, I love the blue / red one!


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