Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Matisse Inspired Paper Cuttings

I was really pleased when I ordered the Matisse book and it arrived an hour before the art club. I was relying on being able to show the group some examples without huddling round screen shots on my phone. I wanted the kids to be able to flick through the book for inspiration.

Ooo Eerr.
I was not so pleased when I pulled the book out of the package (in front of my four year old) to discover full frontal (beautiful) nudity on the back cover.
Personally, I'm not offended.
I'm cool with a bit of au naturelle. 
But I couldn't bring that into my art group, and I was relieved that my boy didn't quite see that because he would have told EVERYBODY.
I quickly sellotaped paper over the back and sellotaped off series of pages within so that they couldn't be opened.
But necessary.
As it was, I was asked why there was a paper on the back.
"Oh it just arrived like that, I haven't taken it off. Let's leave it on."
Successfully distracted.
Wiped sweat from brow.
Love. It.

The kids got into it very quickly.

This is my fav. 
As he cut the yellow bit out, he told me that it was a bird diving down to catch a fish in the water. The simplicity, the effectiveness. 

Matisse: The Cut-Outs  is on at The Tate until early September. 
Will I make it? 
Will you?

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