Thursday, 10 July 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

                                      I thought I had killed the Oxalis, but it's back and blooming.

Fennel flowers are so architecturally pleasing the my eye.

The pallet wild flower garden is in full bloom. The Smurfs guarding the plots are still in there, somewhere.

                            View from below, when laying on the grass, on my back. I thought that nothing exciting was happening in the garden, just a bunch of weeds with a few flowers, but I thought I would check anyway. Lying down everything changes. It's relaxing.

I like the flowers towering above me. 

It's nice to see a a few Poppy blooms are still going.

The Aldi special Honesuckle is taking to the Aldi trellis. I can't wait until it's a big bushy thing.

I should probably tidy this up... but I want to collect all the poppy seeds. So I should wait until they start to dry out a bit I think.

Sneaking a peek at what they boys are up to and they appear to be teasing the dog by popping her ball into some sort of potion.


Weedy grass and no pedicure.  
Au Naturale.



  1. LOVE your wildflower palette! I should lay on my back in the garden and see what everything looks like - although ours is paved so I'm not sure how relaxing it will be ;)

  2. Wow, those poppies are stunning -- and I love the bit with the poppy seed heads as well...

  3. so much goodness going on! seriously. everything is in full bloom! love your knit bomb and i too love taking pictures of flowers from bellow.

  4. Love the shots from you laying on the grass, such a fun and different perspective.
    Your garden is looking beautiful, especially loving the poppys

  5. Perfection Katie. Thinking of led on your back appreciating things from a different angle makes me smile.
    I still have a palette here and a vague plan of doing something with it, alpine planter maybe? I'd never thought about before but fennel blooms remind me a lot of waiters holding trays of glasses of wine. Maybe that's wishful thinking....
    You really are great do you know that? *blog crushing*
    Thanks for joining in again - I've loved how arty you have been getting lately!

  6. well! our lawns (and pedicures) look alike with an ocean between us. I love it! great perspective with the wildflower patch. I must go rest with mine this afternoon.

  7. Love the pictures from below, it gives a completely different view and feels like you are a tiny person living in your garden - love it!

  8. Those wild flowers are so nice. The mix of colors! I love them to bits and I am sure that the smurf guard is enjoying these blooms too. #hdygg

  9. such a lovely garden! I love that fennel flower especially and the wild flowers against the blue sky. So summery.

  10. Gorgeous, utterly gorgeous! I can't wait to have a garden year - fingers crossed.

    Nina x

  11. lots of wonderful pictures up against the blue sky

  12. Gorgeous, my favourite of your posts!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous photography!
    I hope you're having a great week!
    Tammy x

  14. Such a lovely garden and I adore the pic of your boys and the dog, says summer to me.


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