Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Chihuly Inspired

Using plastic bottles and coffee filters, the art group created their own sculptures inspired by the work of Dale Chihuly.
First, we coloured patterns onto white coffee filter paper with felt tip pens, then placed them over plastic cups to form and then sprayed them with starch. (Found on Amazon)
We got the instructions and idea for this Here
There are a lot of other inspiring ideas on this site too.

Once they were dry, we hot glue gunned them onto a canvas and placed the canvas in front of a window so that the light could shine through. I now have the honour of looking after this art work and it hangs in our kitchen. I love the way the individual pieces stand out from the canvas.

We also coloured plastic bottles with Sharpie markers, cut them and heated them with a hot air gun and watched them twist and turn, forming different shapes. We then tried different ways to tame them in the direction that we wanted.

I would love to do some more of these and make a bigger scale Chihuly inspired chandelier for the garden.
I just need more time.
Summer holidays are just around the corner...

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  1. I neeeed a hot air gun in my life *wonders if there's one in the garage* These look very cool indeed - loving how arty you are!


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